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It is designed base on marganski MDM-1 FOX glider


Wingspan : 1,127mm
Length : 715mm

Weight : 850~900g(ready to fly, include battery 2,200mah 3S, after painting)

Power system : 3~4S 900~1,100KV shaft driven motor(16*19)

This aircraft has been transformed into a cute shape while maintain the beautiful appearance of the FOX glider.

However, hidden within its cute, toy-like appearance is a surprising ability for speed and aerobatics.

The large control surface, short aspect ratio, and fully symmetrical airfoil provide very agile maneuverability.

Show your flying skills to those who want to see this cute plane take off.

Most parts print with LW-PLA. It is designed with a very light but sturdy internal structure.

There are air intakes and exhaust vents to cool the motor and battery.

Wings can be made by selecting the fully fixed and the detached method.

The canopy is rigidly mounted with a latch system that can be open and closed easily.

The motor mount has side/down thrust angle, and the shape is precisely fit to the fuselage by the spinner.

Individual parts may require cutting, grinding, sanding and drilling.

It is not difficult to make this if you have experience making 3d printed airplanes.

Flight video will be uploaded.

Contact : rah66@hanmail.net


More than 90% of parts are printed as LW-PLA. Parameters and G-CODEs for print are included with the manual in the zip file.

filament : LW-PLA / PLA

nozzle dia. : 0.4mm

temp. : 230~235℃

continuous printing available

bed size : 200x200x200

Recommended or actually I used.

2218~2812 class shaft driven type 16x19 mount hole size

motor(900~1,100kv), shaft dia. 4mm

3S ~ 4S power system

10*6 props with prop adaptor


4x 9g servos

8mm x 1,000mm carbon pipe 1pcs

3mm x 1,000mm carbon pipe 1pcs

Cyano hinge paper

Other small parts needed for assembly like as linkage rod, clevis, battery holder strap....
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