R/C SAILPLANE(wingspan 2.35m)

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Radio control, 3d printable sailplane. 2.35m / 1.3kg(ready to fly, inc. battery)

Flight Video - LOUD!! need to volume down!

This is a semi-scale r/c sailplane.
Inspired by asw20 and LS08


wingspan : 2,350mm
length : 1,000mm
ready to fly weight(include battery) : 1,200 ~ 1,400g
CG point : 60~65mm from leading edge(wingroot)
channel you need : 4ch min.

LW-PLA was used to reduce the weight, and the actual wing load is 30g/dm2.

Although it is a scale aircraft, larger wings were applied to make it more suitable for flight. and especially, with the efficiently calculated airfoil shape, aerodynamic twist is applied for optimum flight.

In addition, it is designed to have a beautiful appearance that is as similar to the real aircraft as possible, and it can be confirmed in real flight.

Of course, the main wing and horizontal stabilizer are removable and can be easily transported into your vehicle.

If the airflow is moderate, it can have a flight time that is close to infinity even if the motor is not running

Basically, it's a thermal soarer, so it's not suitable for extreme aerobatics or high speed, but you can enjoy a slow, comfortable and graceful flight.

Individual parts may require cutting, grinding, sanding and drilling.

It is for people who are skilled in printing and R/C building and have the confidence to take on a challenge.

Flight video https://youtu.be/ePTyKtcHlv4

more info. & questions : rah66@hanmail.net


More than 90% of parts are printed as LW-PLA.
each parameters for parts are included in download files with construction manual

nozzle dia. 0.4mm
layer height 0.25mm

temperature : 230~235℃
bed size required : 200x200x200
LW-PLA appr. 750g
PLA appr. 100g

you need your own R/C systems

Recommended or actually I used.
2212~2218 class shaft driven type 16x19 mount hole size motor(900~1,100kv), shaft dia. 4mm
3S ~ 4S power system
12*6 folding props with prop adaptor
4x 9g servos
6mm x 1,000mm carbon pipe 3pcs
3mm x 1,000mm carbon pipe 2pcs
2mm x 1,000mm carbon pipe 1pcs
0.3mm steel wirerope 1.5~2m or PE fishing line
1.2 / 1.5 carbon rod 2~4pcs
m2 / m3 bolt and nuts(25mm)
Other small parts needed for assembly like as linkage rod, clevis, battery holder strap....

If you cannot obtain a part with these specifications, or if the size or shape you are using is different, please let me know. I can send you a modified print file.
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