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It is scale model of 1930's old vintage glider

- Wingspan : 2,000mm
- Length : 915mm
- Weight : 1,100 ~ 1,200g(ready to fly, include battery 2,200mah, after painting
- wing loading : 31g/dm2

This aircraft has precisely scaled the shape of the actual aircraft and has a wingspan of 2M.

The motorized version can easily gain altitude and then fly freely for long periods of time by updraft.

The main wing and the horizontal stabilizer are removable, so it is convenient for transport and storage in your vehicle.

precisely operated spoilers have a function that matches not only the appearances of the exterior, but also the actual operation of the aircraft.

The coupling parts of the main wing is integrated in the upper center of the fuselage, and is coupled in a similar way to the actual aircraft.

The ailerons of the main wing has a linkage rod and crank crossover operation structure by a single servo installed in the center of the upper part of the fuselage.

The surface of the main wing has meticulously reproduced the curves found in real aircraft or aircraft made of balsa wood and film.

This aircraft consists of a large number of parts. Meticulous and precise assembly skills and patience are required.

Take on the challenge for great results

flight video will be uploaded.

contact :

More than 90% of parts are printed as LW-PLA.
Each parameters for parts are included in download filed with construction manual.

Also, included are G-CODEs for CURA, ready to print.

nozzle dia : 0.4mm
layer height : 0.2~0.25mm
temperature : 225~235℃
LW-PLA : 700g
PLA : 100g

Recommended or actually I used.

Need your own R/C system
2212~2218 class stator body driven motor (900~1,100KV, 16*19 motor hole size)
3S~4S power system
12*6 folding prop with adaptor
EMAX ES08MA servo *4PCS
EMAX ES3004 servo 1PCS
carbon pipe 8mm dia.*150mm(inner dia. 6mm)
carbon pipe 6mm dia.x1,000mm *2PCS
1.2mm carbon rod x1,000mm *4PCS
1.0mm carbon rod or steel rod 20cm
m2 bolts and nuts(6mm, 15mm, 20mm)
other small parts for assembly like as linkage rod, clevis...
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