Design Guide

The Design Guide helps creators of 3D printing files with tips to improve their profile on the platform and essential steps for uploading 3D models in order to increase their visibility and help them reach more potential customers.

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Create a public profile for selling 3D ready for print models

Thanks to your public profile, the end user will be able to get to know you and your work better. It will also contribute to building trust in the end users and will bring them one step closer to purchasing your work.

Profile picture

Keep in mind that your profile picture will represent you and your work. It will be visible when people go to your profile or see your products.

It is recommended that the picture is an original image of you, your work, or your company. This way, it will best represent your shop.

Remember that people are more inclined to trust a profile if they see that there is a real person/people/brand behind it as this helps enhance their credibility.

We don't recommend using pictures of celebrities, cartoons and photos that are not owned by you.

  • Your username is designed to be your unique identifier.
  • The users can search for your products by your username.
  • Your username is always public.

A good bio has the potential to help you make a positive impression for yourself and your work.

Your bio gives you the opportunity to share more information about you such as creator experience, story, ideas, and many more.

Linked social media accounts

We recommend that you link your social and professional networking accounts to your Threeding account.

You can link your website, your Instagram profile, your Facebook profile, and your YouTube profile.

This will allow your potential customers to follow your work and to learn more about you and the process behind your work.

It will allow us to tag you on our social media platforms and help your 3D models to reach a broader audience.

Upload a 3D printable model

Upload and describe your printable 3D files in order to increase their visibility.

File type and size

The type of files that we accept are OBJ, STL, and WRML if your file has texture. If your 3D model contains texture or consists of more than one 3D file you must archive the files in one ZIP and upload the ZIP file that contains all the compressed files.

The maximum size for your file is 2GB.

3D model for print

Your 3D file must be optimized for 3D printing. It must be a solid form, all constructive elements in one file must be joined as one form. The model must be “watertight” - all panels of the model must be closed from all sides.

Note: Keep in mind that there are various techniques of 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS, DLP, etc.) that provide different opportunities to build surfaces and different precision, endurance, and capabilities.

Important touches for your 3D model

If you want your 3D obejcts to reach a broader audience, there are a few things that we think might help you.


The title of the product should be a descriptive name up to 64 characters.

The product title must be relevant and specific and should contain a few of the most important keywords for your 3D model.


Choosing a category is important because it provides more visibility for your product for people browsing in a specific category. Selecting a category also adds the model to the right product listing and therefore contributes to reaching a larger audience.

Note: You can choose only one category.


In the Description, you can put information that can be useful to the end user.

Products with a good description of 50-100 words are sold up to 3 times more often.


Keywords help search engines and give more visibility to your product. We suggest that you add 10-20 keywords.

Try to identify the best-fitting keywords for your model instead of using general keywords.

Photos of the model
  • Photos are an important part of presenting your 3D model. We recommend our creators to upload as many photos as possible. The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 20 photos.We suggest that you add at least 5-10 photos of your product.
  • The size limit for each image is 10 MB. The recommended ratio is 4:3 with image size 1600x1200 px.
  • We recommend capturing your 3D model from several angles that show different parts of them.
  • Backgrounds and light are essential for good photos. We recommend that you use backgrounds that create contrast and allow your 3D model to stand out and get noticed. Pay attention to the light and the balance between shadows as they can add depth, dimension, and perspective to your photos.
  • We recommend that you upload photos showing the end printed model, assembly of the model if it is of many parts or any process required for the product, which will be more visually appealing to the end users.
Licensing and pricing

Licensing and pricing are essential parts of each sale. We recommend reading all the licenses here before uploading your 3D models. This way, you can choose the best suited license(s) for your needs.

We have 3 types of Commercial licenses that grade from more restrictive to less restrictive which gives you freedom. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between 1 and 3 Commercial licenses for your 3D model. add a different price for each license.

We also offer 6 free licenses that give different options for using, crediting, editing, and distributing the uploaded models. We recommend learning more about each type of free licenses here before uploading your free products in order to see which one is the best fit for your requirements.

What's next

Have you already uploaded your 3d printing files?
Here is what you can also do in order to help them reach more customers:

Grow your shop, grow your revenue

We encourage our creators to share their work on social media wherever they feel comfortable and good. This will help your products to reach more people. We are also on Instagram! Feel free to tag @threedingdotcom or use the hashtag #threeding and we will give you a shout-out.

Another way to grow your revenues and market is to expand your product listing by uploading more models. This will help you reach more people. As the number of models increases, you increase your chances of reaching people and increasing your sales.

How to get your payment

We send the money via PayPal on the email that you provided. If needed, the email can be changed from your seller account settings. In order to be eligible for sending, the accumulated amount should be a minimum of 15 $. If the amount is below the minimum, it will be added to next month's payment. We make the payments every 5th each month.

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