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  • Upload date: 08/13/2022
  • Last update: 08/13/2022
Wingspan : 1,450mm
Length : 705mm
Weight : 820~850g(ready to fly, include 1,600mAh battery, after painting)
Power system : 2218 class 3S 900~1,100KV shaft driven motor
Prop : 9*5~10*6 Folding prop with adaptor

This is a sailplane designed on a cartoon scale.
ASK-21 and ASW-28 were referenced for shape.

It has been transformed into a cute cartoon scale shape, but you can feel stable flight, the proportions of the actual aircraft, and the sense of volume.

Running the motor makes it easy to gain altitude and has excellent performances as a glider.

It can also be build in the form of pure sailplane without a motor, and can fly on the slopes.

The wings have been carefully designed for high lift and tip stall prevention.
8mm carbon pipe is inserted to make it sturdy.

With latch system, the canopy is securely hold and can be opened and closed easily.
The large canopy is convenient for working inside the fuselage.

If you have experience building 3D printed airplanes, it is easy to build, and traditional building techniques are also used.

Paint it beautifully and have fun with your kids.

Individual part may require cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling.

Contact : rah66@hanmail.net

More than 90% of parts are printed as LW-PLA. Parameters and G-CODEs for print are included with the manual in the zip file.

filament : LW-PLA / PLA
nozzle dia. : 0.4mm
temp. : 230~235℃
continuous printing available
bed size : 200x200x200

Parts you need.(Recommended or Actually I used)
1, Your own R/C system. min. 4CH
2. LW-PLA 400g, PLA 50g(ESUN PLA-LW / ESUN PLA+)
3. 2212~2218 class 900~1,100KV brushless shaft driven type motor(EMAX GT2218, 1,100KV)
4. 9*5~10*6 folding prop with adaptor
5. 40A ESC / 1,600~2,200mAh Lipo battery(120~180g)
6. 12g servo 3pcs(Corona DS-939MG), 7g Thin servo 1pcs(GDW DS1906A)
7. Carbon pipe dia. 8mm*1,000mm x 1pcs
8. Carbon rod dia. 1.2~1.5mm*1000mm*4pcs
9. Carbon rod or steel wire dia. 1.5~2mm*500mm*1pcs for rudder / 100mm 3pcs for aileron and elevator
10. Ball point pen spring for latch(4mm*20mm) *1pcs
11. Cyano Hinge paper
12. Ball linkage end 5pcs
13. 60mm dia. landing wheel / 25mm dia. tail wheel
14. Other small parts for R/C building.
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