3D Printed R/C Flying Fish Aerobatic Glider

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  • Upload date: 07/29/2022
  • Last update: 07/29/2022


Flight Video


This is a motor glider with wingspan of 1.08M


Wingspan : 1,078mm
Length : 825mm
Weight : 650~700g(ready to fly, include battery 2,200mha 3S, after painting)
Wing Loading : 29g/dm2
CG point : 65~70mm(from Leading Edge, wingroot)

The shape of the flying fish has been precisely enlarged.

With motor thrust, it can fly fast or climb easily, and after turning off the motor, it is a light and have nice gliding characteristics.

Since two carbon pipes are inserted, it has a solid wing and is,
of course, it can perform various aerobatics.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a comfort flight or an
expert who enjoys high speed, It's perfect.

The main wings can be build in either a fixed or detachable way
depending on your choice.

The lower part of the tail is designed to fold upwards to reduce
impact on landing.

With latch system, the canopy is securely hold and can be opened and closed easily.

Paint it beautifully and Have fun with your kids.

It's not difficult to make this if you have experience making 3d printed airplanes.

Contact : rah66@hanmail.net


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