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Sword from 19th Century Sword from 19th Century
Sword from 19th Century antique-collection-pernik


Distaff with Texture Distaff with Texture
Distaff with Texture antique-collection-pernik


Ottoman Scimitar Ottoman Scimitar
Ottoman Scimitar antique-collection-pernik


Distaff Distaff
Distaff stan1


Milk Churn Milk Churn
Milk Churn stanap


Charcoal Iron Charcoal Iron
Charcoal Iron stanap


Greek Vase Greek Vase
Greek Vase stan1


Tabouret Stool Tabouret Stool
Tabouret Stool stan1


Clothes Iron Clothes Iron
Clothes Iron stan1


History has never been a more exciting subject thanks to the comprehensive selection of printable antique and historical objects. Are you looking for 3D history-related objects such as the Revolver 3d model or the T2 Tanker Ship 3D model? Do you admire vintage objects with unusual designs? Or perhaps you prefer beautiful art and antiques that are so rare and unique? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect 3D file for you!