Old Iron

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  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: wrl
  • File size: 7.94 MB
  • Upload date: 06/13/2014
  • Last update: 06/13/2014
3D printing model of a Old Iron
Old flat clothes iron dated from the early 20th century. Known also as sad iron. The original model is from Eastern Europe . The iron gets hot after you put hot coals in it.

The model is textured

3D scanned with Artec Eva http://www.artec3d.com/

This type of clothes irons began to be used in the 17th century. They were thick slabs of cast iron, delta-shaped and with a handle, heated in a fire. A later design consisted of an iron box which could be filled with hot coals. This type of irons are still in use in areas with frequent power outages.
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