Designer tealight holder with variant selection (pluggable)

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  • Texture: No
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  • Upload date: 10/25/2023
  • Last update: 10/25/2023
Simple printing without supports

** Due to different kit stays various variant selection**.

Easy to print kit without supports.

Assembly possible without glue - plug-in system.

Consisting of the tealight holder and 2 set of 9 different length bars each to plug into the holder.


The holder has 16 offset slots. The various bars can be plugged into these slots according to your own ideas or the templates shown here.

The slot is designed as a light interference fit. The bars are therefore pushed into the slots with a certain amount of pressure. Position at an angle, press in, done.

If adjustments are necessary due to your printer tolerances, this can easily be solved by the slicer as well as by light manual rework. If needed, the bars can also be glued. The bars should not be loose or wiggle.

All colors and materials possible. Filament printing as well as SLA.

Safety note for use:

Please use imitation tea light with LED lighting. Use with real candles as fire always poses a fire hazard. Therefore, the use with open fire (candles) is explicitly discouraged and any liability for this is excluded.
3D printing settings

Layer height filament printer 0.2mm with 0.4mm. Fill structure 15% or higher.

All materials, colors and their combinations.

Also suitable for SLA printing.
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