Beer crate empty crate storage stackable

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  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 118.6 KB
  • Upload date: 03/14/2022
  • Last update: 03/14/2022
Simple filament and resin printing without supports.

Pretty and functional box for storage in the form of a beer crate. Fits my beer crates/ battery boxes as empty crate e.g. for button cells and more.

This beer crate (empty crate without division inside) is stackable in different directions and consists of 2 files, the beer crate as one model and an optional sub-part element, which is only required for the desire of stackability. This is glued invisibly under the beer crate if required. The highlight is that the bottom part can also be used fully compatible as a removable lid.

I had always kept my various batteries, button cells and more in cardboard boxes with labels, but time and time again, for example, old and new batteries were placed incorrectly in the boxes. With these pretty beer boxes is now an end to it. Order with design and by the way have fun printing. :)

Also ideal to print as an imaginative gift.

One last tip:

I offer here 5 different beer crates for different battery types. In the set, all individual models are offered at a hefty discount. :)

Included print files

1 x Beer crate as empty crate without division inside

1 x optional stackable bottom part with lid option.


Beer crate (L 88.4mm x W 56.4mm x H 56mm)

Bottom part (L 88.0mm x W 56.0mm x H 3.4mm)
3D printing settings

Printing method filament or resin printing.

Filament printing with max. 0.4mm nozzle, max. 0.2mm height.

Material tested : PLA, various colors and manufacturers.

Supports not required despite some overhangs, do not set temperatures too hot (liquid). Super adhesion given by large surface area.

Filling can be from 25% to 100%, both tested.

Resin printing

Unproblematic resin printing without supports, use of magnetic plate for easy release optionally recommended.

Standard resin, 0.05mm to also 0.1mm print height were successful. When using the stacking function, if necessary, slightly adjust the shrinkage, since the bottom part may be exposed longer by first layers with you and this could cause slightly different dimensions.


Easy optional mounting of the bottom part for stacking function possible by means of various suitable adhesives
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