Sprinter W906 Adapter For Installing On The Roof To Close Beads

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  • Upload date: 04/23/2023
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If you're converting a van into a camper and want to have a roof window to gaze at the night sky, you may encounter a gap between the roof and the window when installing it on a Sprinter van. To close this gap, you can use an adapter called a "bead filler". I have designed my own bead filler which I am offering here at an unbeatable price. This adapter is suitable for all 40x40 roof windows such as the MaxxFan Deluxe and Dometic MiniHeki. It can even be used for the MicroHeki window with 25x25 size, with the side lengths adjusted accordingly. I installed two roof windows with these adapters and I have no problems at this time.
Make sure you centre the windows on the so called beads, else you have bigger holes. But still the adapter fills most of the holes. I even installed one window on the corner of the bead where the bead gets lesser.
I used ASA-X filament from Filamentum. It wasn't easy nor difficult to figure out which settings are the best. Just try out for yourself.
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