Printing | 21 10 2016

Useful 3D models

3D printing is the thing today. It is used almost everywhere - in most of the industries and at home as well. With models ranging from toothbrushes, cup holders, lamps or small figurines to entire real houses and cars, the customer has a very large range to choose from. Today I am going to tell you about some useful 3D printed stuff you can get your hands on. 

Some musical instruments are a small part of the objects that you can 3d print for yourself. Not only that you can make yourself a musical instrument, but you could make  a replica of one that is possession of a famous musician. Guitars,  saxophones, violins, trumpets and mouth harps are just small number of the instruments that you can 3D print yourself.  However they might require some polishing after the 3D printer completes them. If you have kids you will be most probably be buried under tons of drawings. They just love letting their imagination run wild while they draw and most of the things they create are such that they like. One of the things that you can 3D print are the drawings that your child creates. You will not only make your child happy, but you will have a treasured memory of its childhood. If you want to buy your child toys there are a lot of 3D models over the internet, so finding some there, can save you money too. Accessories for your home are another cool thing that you can 3D print yourself. Sound amplifier for your phone. A little sound boost is always welcome when listening to your favorite songs. You could make yourself a case for your phone as well. All kinds of stackers for jewelry, toys, decorations. Sometimes they go missing and we wouldnÂ’t want to find them by stepping on them, do we? Tools that help you in the kitchen and make it more stylish such as egg separators, salt and pepper shakers, cheese slicers, cookie cutters, can also be useful to you. You can even print yourself chairs and tables, partially or entirely. You can give them unique forms, something that would cost you a lot, if it is hand made. You could also make a figurine of yourself or a person precious to you. 

You can basically print yourself anything unless it has electronics involved in it. From tools that you can use to create something, to the something you want to create. You could also check our vast catalog of 3D models, where you will surely find something to your liking.