Printing | 13 09 2015

​Tips for Increasing Your 3D Printing Models Sales via

Last year I wrote an article How to sell better your designs via The article was based on the story ‘An Open Letter to Shapeways and i.materialise: Please fix your Stores!’ by PAULINA PEREPELKIN from August 28, 2013 published at 3D Printing Industry. In my article I was comparing the 3D printing marketplaces with a shopping mall and I was recommending more active behavior from designers. During the last 12 months we have learned a lot at and I now have some new thoughts on the business of 3D printing marketplaces. That’s why I have decided to share with you 10 ways to improve your sale of 3D models via or any other similar platform. 

1. Upload attractive 3D printable models. The models can be either art (for decoration) or useful items that people can use in their daily life. Before uploading a design, ask yourself the question: “Would I buy this one?”

2. Upload as many pictures as possible. The more pictures you upload, the better chance you have to sell. I will give you an example why this is important: would you buy something from eBay that is presented with 1-2 pictures or you would prefer to buy something shown in 10+ photos?                                                                              

3. Upload picture of your printed model to demonstrate that it is printable. It is more likely people to buy your models, if they are 100% sure that your art has been already 3D printed.                                                                  

4. Write a nice product description and use the right keywords. People like to buy things with some story behind. So, tell them a story about your model. Good keywords will make your models searchable not only by our search engine but also by Google.             

5. Set a reasonable price. Don’t expect hundreds of people to buy a digital model for $100. I am not saying that’s impossible (I have seen it), but people tend to buy 3D printable models that are less than $20-25.

6. Upload regularly. Try to upload a model at least once a week so you have a model among the latest published. Otherwise your models get lost. Most users browse through the most recent models and this is how they reach entire collections of particular artists.

7. Use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote your models. For your convenience, we have put share links on the right side of the screen next to each of your models. The social networks are very powerful tool for bring visitors flow to your 3D printing models, so don’t hesitate to use them as much as you can. Don’t forget to put as many hashtags as possible, including #3dprinting #3dprinter #3dprint.

8. Write an article about your models in forums and blogs. This usually helps. Don’t hesitate to ask us to publish your story at our Blog. We will be happy to do it.

9. Get media coverage. Ask website such as, 3D Printing Industry,, etc to publish article about your work. It’s not easy, but if your art is good, they will do it. 

10. Take advantage of your personal circle of contacts. Promote your models to friends, family, schoolmates, colleagues, etc.

So, those are the main things you need to do. I hope you find them useful.

Good luck!