Printing | 05 05 2014 2.0: Step 1 New Design and New Commissions Mechanism

We launched in late 2013 and it became very popular shortly after. We were very proud and excited about this development but we were still not satisfied. Our hearts and minds wanted something better. We wanted to offer much easier and user friendly navigation, nicer design, lower commission for designers, mobile version, apps for iOS and Android, etc. That’s why we have started working hard again. We call this “project Threeding 2.0”.

Four months later, after an intensive research and development, many sleepless nights, the first fruits of our work were born: on May 1, 2013 we launched the new design of The platform now has an entirely new look, new structure and new user-friendly navigation which are some of the many fresh features that users can enjoy. The new structure and design apply across the whole platform and bring a completely new user experience for fans of 3D printing models. 
To guarantee undisrupted experience, we moved the hosting from HostGator to Amazon Web Services. We chose Amazon since it is a really scalable solution – millions of downloads can be done simultaneously without affecting the quality of the service. 

Together with the new design, we announced a new commission mechanism: instead of 40%, starting from May 1, we will collect 8.5%, starting from $0.45. This is truly one of the lowest (if not the lowest) fee charged by repositories for 3D printing files. The purpose of this step is to attract more designers to sell their art via Threeding and thus, to achieve the largest portfolio of 3D printing models.  

After the initial excitement of the new design (and the long weekend we had) we are back to work. We are working now on Apps for Apple iOS and Android, mobile version, 3D visualization directly on web and the absolutely innovative functionality for online 3D printability check. 
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