Printing | 05 01 2016

Sergey Kolesnik Changes the Toys Manufacturing

When I purchased my 3D printer my intention was to use it for business and nothing else. Not long after I got it, I started 3D printing toys for my kids (and also for myself), so it won’t be farfetched to say that  nowadays I use my printer more often for creating entertainment of my kids than for business.  I am sharing this experience because I believe that one of the area our industry will develop is in the home toy manufacturing. One of the pioneer in this area is Sergey Kolesnik. Sergey jointed Threeding’s community in late December and he immediately impressed us with his amazing 3D printable models of toy-weapons. That’s why I invited him to share with us some thoughts about himself and his work.

Tony, Hi Sergey. Thank you for accepting my invitation. First, can you tell our audience more about you?
Sergey Kolesnik: I am a freelance 3d designer. I create toys concepts and 3D printable models. I am specialized in hi-tech toy robots, toy-weapons and other similar models.
Tony, When did you start creating 3D printable models and how did you get to it?
Sergey Kolesnik: I have been creating 3D printing models for the last 4 years. Back then I was hired by a private company to create a series of robotic toys. I liked what I did for them and I started making models suitable for 3D printing.
Tony, How do you create your models?
Sergey Kolesnik: I am inspired by the work of other people: movies and animations. All this stimulates my creativity. I have a lot of ongoing projects, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough time and effort to complete all my ideas.
Tony, What is your favorite 3D printable model and why?
Sergey Kolesnik: It is a toy-train that I have made for my son and he loves that toy with its big wheels. He is only 10 months and he loves playing with cars. Currently, I am creating a series of free toys for little kids and I will publish them soon.

Tony, You have an amazing collection of toy-weapons. But speaking about weapons, what do you think about 3D printed firearms, Defense Distributed Group and have you ever thought to create a real firearm?
Sergey Kolesnik: I love creating complex weapons from the Star Wars series but I do not think that I will develop a real weapon. In any case, 3D printing is just a tool that can be used for good and bad things. Unfortunately, the creation of rea weapon is inevitable fact of our lives. 

Tony, A lot of your models are presented as 3D prints. What 3D printer do you use?
Sergey Kolesnik: Ultimaker2 forever :))). This is the best printer for my work, it can create accurate detailed prints.
Tony, What is the next model or models you are working on?
Sergey Kolesnik: I am working on several projects: a robot from Battletech UZIEL (Mechwarrior), and kids toys and cars. Plus one “secret” robotic project.
Tony, What do you think will be the future of 3D printing as an industry?
Sergey Kolesnik: This is the technology of the future which is already available to us. I expect serious development in the next 3-5 years.
To find out more about Sergey, visit his website or Threeding Store and follow him on Facebook, Twitter