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QueensParkStudios Eccentric 3D printable models

This year we continue presenting our favorite designers of 3D printing models. Today, I am pleased to speak to QueensParkStudios. Visit!
                                                                    QueensParkStudio’s 3D printing models
Tony, Hi QueensParkStudios, thanks for joining this initiative. I will start with my first question: When did you start making 3D printable models and what did it get you to this?
QueensParkStudios: I am a bored and burnt out 3D animator. Wanted to try something else, but turns out I sucked at just about everything else. I thought maybe 3D printing isn't straying too far. So I bought myself a 3D printer to tinker around with.
Tony, How do you create your models?
QueensParkStudios: The Devil uploads his favorite designs to my brain during the night. I just pick some of the easiest ones to modeling on a Sub-D based 3D modeling program. Sometimes finishing them off in Z-Brush if Necessary.
Tony, Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
QueensParkStudios: Vagina Bowl of course!! I sometimes cover my mouth with it like an Oxygen Mask and I swear it works!

                                                  QueensParkStudios favorite 3D printing model
Tony, Do you own a 3D printer?
QueensParkStudios: Yes, I have a Ultimaker2. it's good fun, But I really wish I had a high spec scanner, eg. Artec Spider would be awesome if they made it portable like a camera. ideal would the latest, fastest, greatest Metal printing beast. Cos metal = Sexy!!
Tony, Why do you believe in the (Future) of 3D printing and how u think the market will develop.
QueensParkStudios: I believe the future of consumer 3D printing will hinge on the popularity of 3D scanning. I forsee that most smartphones would come with a capable enough 3D scanner. then more people could own a small, quiet, simple, cheap, (fumeless) printers, while sending higher quality printing work to professional printers. sort of like photographs, 20 years ago.
Tony, Thank you for being part of this interview and I wish you good luck in 2016.
To find out more visit QueensParkStudios’ Threeding Store.
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