Printing | 25 02 2015

Power Steering Pump by Dalibor Pejicic

On this photo we can see TRW pump used for hydraulic power steering. Plastic oil tank and lid were damaged in car accident, so our goal is to make a new one using 3D modeling and printing technology.

PARTsolutions software is our choice, because it is easy to use and it gives great results. All dimensions/parameters are adjusted to our needs, so it will fit perfectly to TRW pump. Both parts are published on PARTcloud.
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It takes 1 hour for the lid and approximately 5-6 hours for the oil tank to be printed. We are satisfied with the results and it is time to test it.

Lid and Oil tank!collection?name=Power+steering+oil+tank&collection_id=263
The oil tank has to be sealed first and it is time to put some oil in it and to check for a possible leakage. Everything is functioning well and our goal is achieved. This is a good example how 3D modeling and printing can be used in automotive area and save your home budget, too.

Author: Dalibor Pejicic

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