Printing | 29 10 2015

Meet Zbrushingmx and His 3D Printing Art

One of my favorite designers of 3D printing models is Sajid Diaz, known among Threeding’s users with the nickname Zbrushingmx. That’s why I am glad that I will have chance to present him to you.

Sajid joined our community back in May 2014. Before that he participated in our Facebook based for 3D printing models contest and not surprisingly, he got the first place. Ever since, Sajid has regularly uploaded designs and so far he has more than 280 models available at

Tony: Hi Sajid, thanks for joining this initiative. I will start with my first question: what can you tell me more about you?
Zbrushingmx: I am 37 years old, father of 3 children. I work for the local Government in Morelia México. In my free time I am a 3D graphic designer, I play video games and try to learn everything about 3D Printing.
Tony: When did you start creating 3D printing models?
Zbrushingmx: I started as a hobbyist in early 2010 by learning 3Ds Max and Zbrush. I prefer Zbrush, this application drives me crazy with its features. Initially, I was making models for graphics use, but after a while I discover 3D printing and now I make more 3D printable designs than anything else.
Tony: How do you create your models and what did it get you to this?
Zbrushingmx: I use Zbrush and sometimes 3Ds Max for more basic shapes. I am inspired by everything surrounding me. Every day I walk to my office and I see many different things and this is how my ideas are born. I really love creating 3D models and I try to do it at any time.
Tony: Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
Zbrushingmx: My favorite models are the Wolf and the Wolf Head. They represents the wild part of life, the anger and the strength. I sculpted them from a simply shape and the final results meant to me that I really knew basic of digital sculpting that makes me feel good.

Tony: Why do you believe in the feature of 3D printing and how do you think the market will develop? 
Zbrushingmx: I love everything related to 3D Printing. In my country this is a new technology and sometimes I feel alone, crazy screaming in the desert (smiling). I want to be part of this new technology by making models and thinking that one of my art could be remembered. I think the future of humans would be easier with 3D printing. People will use 3D printing to create food, clothes, for medical purposes.
You can visit Zbrushingmx’s Facbook page and his Threeding store