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Meet DeWishlist and His 3D Printing Models

This week I have the privilege to speak to WinsonK known also with the nickname DeWishlist. DeWishlist accepted my invitation to join our community and since December 1st he has uploaded two lovely 3D printing models: Parrot KeyChain + KeyChain Holder and Snowflake coaster. Here is what DeWishlist told me.
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         DeWishlist’s logo
Stan, Can you tell our audience more about you?
DeWishlist: I'm a 3D artist with almost 10 years of experience. Nature and animals have always been my inspiration for my artworks. Most of my creations are simple and stylized. I wish to create designs that more people will like by keep on enriching my knowledge on 3D printing.
Stan, When did you start making 3D printable models and what did it get you to this?
DeWishlist: I started to work on 3D printable models about 3 months ago when I bought my first 3D printer. Seeing my 3D creations become real figures has been my motivation to create more and more.
Stan, How do you create your models?
DeWishlist: I sketch my design on paper or computer and then build them up in Maya.
3D printing, 3d print, 3D printer, 3d models, free 3D printing models
One of DeWishlist’s 3D printable models listed at Threeding.
Stan, Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
DeWishlist: I'm really impressed with Plen 2 Mirror Robot. The design is simple and yet lovable. The robot is really flexible and I can't believe that all the parts are 3D printed.
3D printing, 3d print, 3D printer, 3d models, free 3D printing models
Plen 2 Mirror Robot
Stan, Do you have own 3D printer? If yes, what is it and what is the one you want to get?
DeWishlist: I'm currently using Flashforge Dreamer.
Stan, Why do you believe in the feature of 3D printing and how do you think the market will develop?
DeWishlist: I see the growth in the technology of 3D printing. There are more and more types of materials that can be used in 3D printing such as wood, metal and glass. Who knows what will come next. This will enable us to create more beyond imagination.
To see more from DeWishlist visit his Threeding’s page and ETSY’s stores and follow him in Facebook.
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