Printing | 09 12 2015

Josip and Dalibor Talk to us About Their 3D Printable Art

Those who are experienced in 3D modeling know better than me how difficult is to create a good 3D printable model. It requires very good knowledge of modeling software and a lot of patience. That’s why good 3D printing designs are expensive. However, there are some designers that create amazing 3D printing art and they share it for free at and other similar platforms. This is the case with Josip and Dalibor, know better with the nickname Dape1. They have been part of Threeding’s community since November 2014 and since then they have been uploading regularly and as of today they have 19 amazing 3D printing models like Homer Simpson Keychain, Spongebob Keychaine, R2D2, SXT Scooter, etc. 

Tony, Hi guys. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Can you tell me more about you and your business?
Dalibor and Josip: We are coming from Croatia. Everything started several years ago when we were invited to work for the German software company CADENAS GmbH. Our basic business is eCatalogs and we gained quite a lot of experience and knowledge since using PARTsolutions software by CADENAS. One day, just for fun, we created few models and published them on ( and feedback was really good. So, we decided to publish our models on other 3D websites like and to keep it interesting as much as we can. You will find some technical/mechanical, but also and some funny models, too. As you can see by our models, we love to combine robotics with animals. We are fans of cartoons like Futurama and The Simpsons, so Bender and Homer had to become alive! :)

Tony, When did you start making 3D printable models and what did it get you to this?
Dalibor and Josip: We started printing our models one year ago when we got our first 3D printer. Of course, we had to learn basics first, because first models had a lot of mistakes. Considering we had so many models, we wanted to 3D print it to see what we are going to get, so it was a pure curiosity. As soon as we did few first models, we became crazy about it and wanted to do more and more! Also, we realized we can use it for practical things, so that was one more field which came up naturally. As a result, several articles were written on explaining step by step how we made some models for everyday usage.

Tony, How do you create your models?
Dalibor and Josip: Basic idea behind our models is to have some fun, but also to try to be innovative and to have interesting models all the time. We also look what we can do different, unique and make it useful. How we can combine living creatures and robotics? How to use 3D printing in everyday life? We like “out of box” thinking and creativity, the only way to explore new fields and to progress.

Tony, Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
Dalibor and Josip: Our favorite model would be the robotic wasp. It is the biggest model we printed, spent a lot of hours on research, modelling and rendering. Just pay your attention to details on the wasp! Also, after printing, the wasp was hand painted with special enamel paint, so it took a lot of patience, too, but it was worth. The robotic wasp looks very impressive and that is why we had so many views, likes and downloads. You can see it here:!part?name=Wasp&model_id=8611

Tony, Tell me more about your next 3D printing project
Dalibor and Josip: We would like to create a robot in actual size, something like Terminator, but that project has to wait for a while. Currently, we are working on robotic ant and what will be really funny! It will be cool considering the movie Ant-Man is coming soon, too!

Tony, Do you own a 3D printer? If yes, what is it and what is the one you want to get
Dalibor and Josip: We have Makerbot Replicator 2 and we are quite happy with it. In future, we would like to have printer which can print more colors and materials. That would be very practical and it would save a lot of time, too, because you do not have to paint it.

Tony, Why do you believe in the feature of 3D printing and how do you think the market will develop? 
Dalibor and Josip: We strongly believe 3D printing is our future, for sure. You need something? Just print it! Simple as that. Future printers will be faster, bigger, will combine different materials, but also they will be cheaper, so everybody will be able to afford one. One more positive aspect: people will become more creative, too. Both manufacturers and “ordinary” people will use it, it is already used in all fields, from engineering to medicine. The future is here!

Tony, Anything else you want to share with us
Dalibor and Josip: At the end, we would like to say big thank you to for allowing us to publish our models, giving us a chance to share our knowledge and experience, but also to learn from others and that is crucial if you want to grow and be better in what we do – 3D printing!

Below you can see some of Dalibor and Josip’s beautiful 3D printing models. You can also visit their website, their Threeding’s store.