Printing | 05 08 2016

Héctor Sánchez-an Industrial Designer, 3D Modeler and 3D printer living in Mexico City.

Cveta, Hello Héctor. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation for this interview. Can you introduce yourself and tell me more about you and your art?
Héctor Sánchez: Hi mi name is Héctor Sánchez I’m an Industrial Designer, 3D Modeler and 3D printer living in Mexico City. I love Sci-Fi movies and video games, also love anime and de 90´s cartoons.

Cveta, How did you become a 3D designer and when did you start creating models for 3D printing?
Héctor Sánchez: I think as a kid I always liked video games and science fiction films, always wanted to have those characters in my hands and many more that came to my mind. And the only way to see it happening was drawing them. Hehe I think I was never very good at drawing, so I leant a little more towards the creation of objects and studying industrial design. By that time began to emerge the computer animated films, I was fascinated and wanted to work in something like that. Then my interest in computer modeling programs increased and learned to model scenarios for architectural visualizations, although part of that dream to create characters was still dormant and it was not until I decided to work in an animation studio for movies that I learned to model characters and part of that dream was fulfilled. Only lacked the power to create them physically. Of course this does not take long thanks to the 3D desktop printing. I think I was a bit big to play with them but that did not stop my 2 year old daughter who quickly understood the 3D printer was a factory of toys at home and so gradually I started modeling cartoon characters that she saw. Some people saw my work and started asking me for specific characters for their kids and here we are. I decided to create Tridimagina for 3d model and 3d printed projects and in parallel I also founded Xocoimagina with my wife, a chocolate company where I model and print 3D characters and figurines for chocolate casting.
Cveta, How do you create your 3D models? What is your biggest inspiration?
Héctor Sánchez: Pretty much almost all the time I model in MODO and 3ds max then I jump in Meshmixer or Mudbox.
There is currently a lot of digital artists who are my inspiration but I think really I was always inspired by the anime as Macros or Robotech, Akira or Battle, Angel Alita or Cowboy Bebop, TMNT and HE-Man were my favorites, Mazinger or Saint Seiya or Dragon Ball Z to name a few. I remember that when my brother and I were kids we spent a lot of time watching secretly Mad Max 2 and The Empire Strikes Back, movies like Alien, and Blade Runner made his job to.
Cveta, What is your favorite 3D model?    
Héctor Sánchez: It’s pretty hard to decide but if I have to take one there would be Lottie Dottie Chiken.

Hektor’s favorite 3D printable model 

Cveta, What was the most challenging project you have worked on so far?
A 3D printing company which I collaborate with and do some 3D modeling commission asked me if I wanted to participate in the development of a 3D printed painting for people who can’t see, so had to have volume that they could feel to appreciate the painting. That painting was "La buena y la mala confesion" another one as the model of the monument named "el angel de la independencia"

Cveta, What are your personal and art plans for the future?
Héctor Sánchez: I guest that would be to develop and own a line of 3dprint toys. My art plans would be to study a little more traditional and digital art techniques.
Cveta, How do you think 3D printing will develop?
Héctor Sánchez: I think in the not too distant future every home will have a 3D printer, layers of printing on different materials and techniques, layers of covering too as the demands for a house where modeling and internet sales play an important role for the development of small companies, which they will offer its clients custom objects.