Printing | 16 01 2016

Esanjuan – a 3D Designer but I Prefer to Call Him an Artist

Today I would like to present you Emilio Sanjuán Pérez known with his art nickname Esanjuan. Emilio is a 3D designer who I prefer to call an artist. Functional and aesthetic, is the only way I can define his work. What impressed me straight away was the natural forms which he uses and the fact that each model can be viewed as a separate piece of art. So, it’s always a pleasure to have people like Emilio uploading at Emilio has been part of our community for a month and today we decided to publish a short article about him and his 3D printing models.

Tony, Hi Emilio and thank you for accepting my invitation. Can you tell us more about you and your work?
Emilio: Working as a CNC milling machine operator and in my free time design elements to print in 3D.

Tony, When did you start making 3D printable models and how did you get to it?
Emilio: I started two months ago, I came to it as a way to get extra money.But then I saw that gave satisfaction to see how value your work.

Tony,  How do you create your models?
Emilio: I am inspired by current trends and directly, without sketches, I start to draw.I usually use the software rhinoceros, TopMod (for topological figures) and MeshLab.

Tony,  How often do you create 3D printing models?
Emilio: Every day, if i have time usually i upload my designs.
Tony,  Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
Emilio: Vase voronoi.

Tony,  Most of your models are for decoration. Have you ever thought to create something else?
Emilio: If things more useful for everyday use at home, office, etc ....

Tony,  Why do you believe in the feature of 3D printing and how do you think the market will develop? 
Emilio: The market for 3D printing includes a multitude of possibilities that must be taken into account. It is a way of materializing the ideas. The field of 3D printing is making giant strides, thereare plenty of materials for printing and printers are increasingly affordable for people.

Tony, Anything else you want to share with us:
Emilio: Just acknowledge the support I am receiving from the web.

To find out more about Emili, visit his Threeding Store and follow him on Facebook.