Printing | 25 11 2015

EnterpriseXDDesign is Becoming One of my Favorite Designers

As a co-founder of, one of my roles is to recruit new designers to upload their 3D printing models at our platform. That is not a very easy exercise. We are still a small company and it is very difficult to convince people to start selling through us. But every now and then I meet people like Trevor, known also as EnterpriseXDDesign. He is the type of guys I get immediately chemistry with. I met him couple of days ago and he already has uploaded 45+ of his lovely 3D printing models. That’s why I decided to present Trevor in the form of a short interview, so our audience know more about him and his art.

Cveta, Can you tell our audience more about you?
Trevor: I’ve been a traditional 2D graphic designer for the last 24 years (it’ll be 25 in January; my how time flies!) and I’ve always been somewhat artistically inclined.  I’ve also always been fascinated about how things work and although I never followed the family path and became an engineer I’ve always had the mindset.  Now, with the advent of 3D printers and modelling I’m finally able to actually do something with that fascination and curiosity.
Cveta, When did you start making 3D printable models and what did it get you to this?
Trevor: I bought my first 3D printer (a low-cost hobby printer) as a birthday present to myself in May of 2014.  At the time I was suffering from depression and several other issues and I thought I’d treat myself to some new technology and something which had interested me since first I heard of it; 3D printing.  I also considered that since I was spending the money on a 3D printer I really should be able to actually do something of my own with it rather than relying on models other people had made, and so I also invested in TurboCAD and thought that maybe I’d make a few things and it would just be a nice distraction.  How wrong I was: that 3D printer proceeded to take over my life, and even though it was massively unreliable (in the 18 months I owned it I got maybe 7 months use out of it because it was constantly breaking down) it still drove me on to create more and more designs.  In July of this year I decided that I’d try and make a career of being a designer and I laid the foundations of my design business, Enterprise XD Design.  Hopefully it will lead to greater and greater things!
Cveta, How do you create your models?
Trevor: I generally start with an idea which may pop into my head at any time or from any source of inspiration; for instance the mini-torch mounting for my glasses, which I’m wearing in my photo, came about because I saw the little torches for sale in my local supermarket and thought that one would be very handy when I was doing final finishing on my designs.  I therefore work on what really is the central premise of design; what is the need and how can my product fill that need?  I usually have a pretty good image in my head of what i want to make and then I just plug myself into TurboCAD and try to draw that image as best I can (I am really still learning but the more designs I make the more I am able to learn).  If something is not for a specific need, such as my DNA Double Helix Candleholder, I’ll just try to design something which I can sit back, look at and be happy with.
Cveta, Which is your favorite 3D printable model?
Trevor: That’s like asking me which one of my children I love the most (okay, I don’t actually have children; make that which of my cats do I love the most):  I’m personally happy with all of my designs but several I’m most happy with for various reasons.  I’m proud of my Snaplock iPad Mount for a micstand as it’s the most technical and intricate design I’ve yet produced (for a friend of mine who’s a guitar teacher, and a very good one - is his website).  I like the DNA Double Helix Candleholder because I’m a total science fanatic and I love that elegance of nature’s design.  And I love Bob, the Alien Robolamp… just because he’s cute!
Cveta, Do you have own 3D printer? If yes, what is it and what is the one you want to get? 
Trevor: Yes I do.  At the moment I’m using a XYZ Printing DaVinci 1.1 Plus, a fairly cheap but still pretty good printer.  When funds allow (I’m still starting up so at the moment I’m just a poor struggling artist!) I intend to upgrade to a Cubify CubePro Trio or a Zortrax M200.  I’ve started a GoFundMe page if anyone wants to help me raise the money to go to the next level -  Thanks!
Cveta, Why do you believe in the feature of 3D printing and how do you think the market will develop? 
Trevor: I absolutely believe in the 3D printing market and I believe in the very near future the market is going to absolutely explode.  Remember when colour inkjet printers first came out?  They took ages to work, the print quality was frankly awful and they cost an arm and leg.  3D printing is at the moment kind of in the same posiiton.  I keep hearing that 3D printers will be sent on the first Mars missions in the future so the astronauts can create items they need rather than having to send them all the way from Earth, so I firmly believe that more and more 3D printers will become ubiquitous.  A few years ago 3D printers were sold for thousands of pounds, now you can get a perfectly good hobby printer for under £300.  Eventually I believe that every home will have a 3D printer, much as most every home now has an inkjet printer, and that quality of 3D printed items will continue to improve as they have to date.  3D printing is the future!
To find out more about Trevor, please visit his website, his Threeding store and follow him in Facebook