Printing | 01 05 2016

Embeding PARTcloud is one of those 3D portals which is constantly improving, developing and experimenting with new features and possibilities. The goal is to provide helpful options which will help you to download or share published 3D models on easy and practical way.

Recently, embedding feature was added as one of them. All published models can be embedded into your website, blogs, portal, news, etc. It will make it much more interesting, but also informative like that. This is an example: Robotic Ant 3D model published on by Josip Jakubiv and we will explain step by step how it works.
After uploading your 3D model simply go to “Configure your code and use it in your website” section.

Next step is to choose options which you want to have when embedding/sharing your 3D model. It can be only the 3D model or it can auto-rotate, it is up to you. As you can see, there are many other useful options offered. With “Top” and “Bottom” buttons you can choose the background colors (behind the model itself). In this case, we decided to go with dark and light blue.

Once we are done with the background, we are ready for embedding. Click on the link (iFrame) and copy it. You can try it first to see how it will look like or you can simply go to your website, blog, portal or news and paste it there.

We used home page to publish the Robotic Ant model considering is part of it, but you can use it for your own purposes. As you can see, easy and practical way to share your models and make your website, blogs, news or portal. We hope this update and tips were helpful. Give it a try and see how it works!