Printing | 21 10 2020

Combining 3D printing and art deco

Combining new and old can be very tricky, but, if you do it on right way, it can give excellent results. In this case, we wanted to combine art deco/steampunk style with modern technology – 3D printing. We want to make a gear (quarter) as a decoration. It will be used as a decoration used on custom made art deco/steampunk lamp. As always, first step is to make a 3D model and render. Make sure to check all measurements before printing.

If you want to download it, here it is: FREE DOWNLOAD

All four gear quarters are 3D printed and it looks good. Measurements are correct, no issues and we can continue with painting.

Vintage or relic effect is desired here. Silver metallic paint and a small sponge will do the job. Once it is done, leave it for 24 hours to get dry. You can clear coat it the next day in order to protect your paint job.

 In order to make our custom lamp, we used wood base, small gear, decoration box, air filter, a can and we painted everything to make it look “alive”. Our 3D printed gear quarters are added on each corner. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative, but we also hope it will inspire you to make your own projects – good luck!