Printing | 04 04 2022

AlexStormND, Bringing Fine Arts to 3D Modelling

We have recently invited some of the top creators on our platform in order to get an insight into their experience with 3D modelling. This time we had the chance to talk to AlexStormND, creator of beautifully rendered models such as Drakkar with shields and The raven and the ring.


The first thing we asked them was what motivated them to even begin learning modelling? The heartwarming response we got was truly inspiring. As AlexStormND put it:

“I was inspired to do 3D modeling by my passion for 3D printing, as well as the banal lack of plasticine for modeling. I taught modeling in a class for children with disabilities, and we had little plasticine.”

Then further added, “We created a lot of beautiful work with them, but after the class was over I had to break down my work to show the other children new pieces. I thought about how to save their models that I modeled, and I had the idea to try to model it in 3d models that in the future I and others could print them on a 3D printer, and used either to decorate and paint, or later on the model could be in a later stage to implement it in any material, whether wood or clay, etc. So I started looking towards Blender, as a free alternative to start doing 3d modeling.”

The following question was about when exactly inspiration struck and their history with modelling. Their beginning was the first of March 2021. Despite their complete inexperience with the program Blender, they overcame issues by combining their degrees in Art and Education, Youtube tutorials and treating the model almost like a piece of clay in reality. Even after their unfortunate crisis with a publishing house “Express-design and printing” and having to sell it, that didn’t stop them from adapting and learning more in order to create for others to print and enjoy.



When asked about what they aspire to create, Alex replied with:

“I set myself a goal and a challenge so far this year: to create 3d models, one free 3D model and one paid 3D model during this year. Along the way, still performing orders for people who order their designs for 3d printing. Unfortunately I can not publish them, but many models are on the Internet, but not my authorship. This is the downside of paid orders. A teacher's salary is not very big. In the future, the plan is to very closely engage in 3d modeling.”

A humble goal but effective in the way of someone just starting to create 3D art. On the topic of creating and the future they had something absolutely moving to say:

“I would like to make a career in 3d modeling, but at the moment for me my work is a hobby, but I hope it will grow into something more, and I try to make deliberate steps in this direction. 3D modeling became the meaning of my life - My life became meaningful and conscious.”

When asked about their opinion about 3D printing as a whole having a future, they mentioned that they believe it would be better if it became more developed and widely used. Their reasoning? “3D modeling attracts by its ability to save time, the speed of creation, as well as the versatility of using the models in various areas of their lives, creativity and work.” Later going into more depth about how it can be used for practical purposes such as prototyping, planning and decoration in homes but also enriching “a creative person to develop his personality and become a reasonable person”.


Alex gave a fairly unique answer when questioned about difficulties they or others may face with 3D modelling, specifying that most of the hardships of modelling is down to adapting to the program you use as well as the study of art and sculpture. However, according to them, “if they understand and know the basic principles of shape creation, have a sense of beauty, there are not many difficulties”.

Along these lines, Alex’s advice for aspiring 3D artists was to “not be afraid to try and be funny”. Additionally, they recommend to “set a goal and follow it systematically. For example, give 20-30 minutes a day to 3D modeling and study, learn Blender and other programs in practice, to create more and more new tasks and solve them. Develop yourself and do not stand still.”



Finally when asked about their work, Alex mentioned being proud of 2 pieces in particular. That being their very first wolf model and a bear mother and cub. Challenging themselves into learning to work with more than one mesh was a pleasant memory for them, however, they said that they also like their other models including their Drakkar Viking Bowl.

For this model, AlexStormND revealed that it was a sort of experiment for them. They expanded on this by saying:

“I usually simulate their models from the sphere, as if I were really modeling, such as from plasticine or clay, here I have tried ways that are usually used in traditional 3d modeling, from the top or polygon, I thought about creating a bowl shape that could be modeled from the tops and planes, and then give them volume. Drakkar seemed to me a good form, was able to give him a volume, a new way, then added shields, made lighting and textures. I think it turned out great, probably other people think so, if [there are] so many views on the site.”

Along with this interview, we even put one of Alex’s models, The Mask of The Minds Dream, to the test and our results were amazing. 


The expert sculpting really shines through, as if really made from clay. The back being hollow allows people to use this as a decorative piece or even as a wearable mask. The printing process was also easy, letting us get the full results by only printing this once.


From the crisis of a publishing company to a teacher and part-time 3D model artist, Alex has overcome many challenges and continues to share their models and art. To check out more of their social media, follow this link to their link here. They have many platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Artstation, Patreon and more.

Thank you very much to AlexStormND for the riveting interview.