Printing | 20 12 2015

3D Printing Models for Christmas

Christmas is coming to town and of course Christmas 3D printing models are among the most popular downloads in December. And what a better decoration for Christmas then one made by you? If you type “Christmas” at Threeding you will get more than 100 3D printable models.

So, I would like to present you some of the best designers and models available today at
One of the most notable artist is OogiMe. OogiMe is well known with her amazing models of cookies cutters and coffee decorations. She offers wide variety of models including XOXO cookie Cutter, Kids Kissing Cookie Cutter, Santa Clause Cookie Cutter etc.

OogiMe’s have been 3D printed and tested, and their presentation is awesome. Last but not least, all her models are free. All OogiMe’s models are available here.

The other active contributor of Christmas 3D printing stuff is ZbrushingMX. He is well a known member of our community with his 300 models. We recently wrote about him at our blog. ZbrushingMX has published different models that you can 3D print and hang on your Christmas tree. Some of them are amazing: Xmas ball, figurine of Santa Clause, 3d Snowflakes and many others. Most of those models are paid but it worth spending couple of box.  Visiti ZbrushingMX shop here.

Another great model I want to highlight is the Minion Bob dressed for Christmas. Designer of it is Styler and it could be great to decorate your Christmas tree or just to put it on your desk. You can buy it for $6.00 here.

If you are looking for Santa Claus’ 3D printable sculpture MW’s Santa model would be great for you. The model will cost you $11.40 or you can order it as a 3D print 7x8x6cm at price of USD 54.00 and will deliver it anywhere you are.

There are many more you can find if you just type at our search field Christmas or Santa or Snowflakes and have fun.