Printing | 25 10 2016

​3D printing innovations in constructing

In this article I am going to tell you about some of the innovations in 3D modeling. Apart from the 3D objects for decoration there are those that will bring great comfort in the our lives in several years time. Ranging from real houses to robots that can create them, all of them are significant to the future of human kind.  

Imagine you wanted to have a house for a very long time now, but the cost and time that it's going to take to finish it are a huge downer. The time it would take to build a 2-story house is around  3-4 or even more months depending on the size. A Chinese company however disagrees with the time needed to build such house. In just 45 days a 2-story house was build, where if built using traditional methods, it would have taken at least twice as long to be completed. The strength of the house is also one of the major pros. It is considered to be able to withstand very strong earthquakes, which are common occurrence in the region. Imagine how many lives it is going to be able to save if or should I say, when it becomes mainstream constructing technology. And that, combined with considerably lower cost for the completion of such house, makes for one very bright future when it comes to constructing our homes and other buildings.

Another innovation, that caught my eye, is the 3D printed soil. The 3D printed soil possesses three times the strength of the industrial clay. It is created by adding few additives to a normal soil. Just imagine the soil under your feet turning into a house from nothing. It is a very big innovation that could bring change in the lives of all people especially the ones living in the poorest countries in the world. The company that has made that breakthrough has made another one which is called the Minibuilders. They are exactly what their names states. Little robot builders that work with each type of them having their own task. The first type builds the foundation so that the second type can grapple the top with two rollers and continue from there on. The third type is the one that builds vertically instead of horizontally like the other two. It can stick to the wall with no danger of falling and it can create the ceiling. These little robots can work far longer than a builder and can do it without having to rest. Now imagine the Minibuilders combined with the 3D printed soil. Robots, working tirelessly, possibly two times longer than builders a day using the soil you step on as a material. I personally find it fascinating.

The last innovation I am going to mention are the instant shelters. Natural disasters occur and thousands of people can end up homeless. These shelters are meant to be finished in the time frame of an hour and even less and immediately shipped once they are finished. They are not comfortable or meant to last long, but in a time of need they can be a lifesaver and prevent something even worse. Their purpose would be to simply get the people out of the wet and the cold. They could even be distributed some day for homeless people to spent the winter in them.

3D printing and the models printed with it are advancing with huge leaps into our lives. Today we use it mainly for decorations in our houses and industries, but some day we might be the ones being housed by them.