Printing | 05 07 2014

3D Printing Industry Trends

3D printing industry is developing at a very high speed and so does competition between 3D printing related startups striving to find their place under the sun. Domestic 3D printers are becoming more and more popular and their prices are decreasing. Maybe you’ll buy a 3D printer and DIY kit for your child next Christmas? We created this article to point out some of the current trends in the industry.

We believe that 3D printing’s future is in the mainstream. A lot of 3D printed items are used in everyday life substituting traditionally produced one since 3D printed products can be more easily customized and in some cases printing is much faster.

Your unborn baby model can be printed out so as you can get used to it in advance, you can make a candy of your design, and a Star Wars® figurine with your one face thanks to 3D technology. As soon as these become run-of-the-mill, 3D devices will be a regular part of home appliances and home manufacturing.

Three dimensional printing can help in solving issues like poverty. Replicas of very expensive scientific equipment could be produced at a much lower price with the use of inexpensive 3D printers so as to save Third World countries millions of dollars.

A lot of new manufacturers have been developing and producing new models of 3D printers. Respected companies have been investing in various products and services related to 3D printing.

We are in the age of customized products. Thanks to 3D printing customization of a huge variety of items is now available for a wider audience. 

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