Printing | 20 10 2016

​3D printing for hobbyists

These days 3D printing is involved in many spheres. Automotive, health care, construction, fashion and many more. 3D printing at home is on its way to becoming mainstream as well. We can 3D print at home for both personal satisfaction and to make profit out of it as well. 

3D printing for personal satisfaction can be a very enjoyable activity especially if you are good at using 3D modeling software. While creating the model is going to require a good portion of your time taking care of the smallest details on it the end result is going to be worth your while. As a world-changing technology 3D printing gets many people excited and rightly so. The technology is far from perfect and the objects sometimes don't have the desired quality but it is improving and is going in the right direction. There is a wide variety when it comes to choosing what object to 3D model and eventually print, starting from figurines of favorite characters going all the way to musical instruments, depending on what our hobby is or what we want to sell. 

Even if you just want to make money using it 3D modeling can be extremely useful and you don't even need to have a printer for it. You need to follow the trends of what is popular at the moment and to take advantage of it. Few months back Pokemon Go appeared and everybody was literally going crazy over it. Pokemon themed 3D printed objects followed. Sometimes it might be a miss, but there surely will be hits as well. Another option is to follow objects that usually draw a lot of interest. It is going to be a little bit harder to beat something that is already popular, but if you execute it better than the original chances are that it will work out well. What you have to do next in order to make money from your 3D model, is to put it up on a website like ours. The website is going to list your model in its catalog and upon download or order you will be receiving the money for the item. Most of the websites that provide this service, have a tax for it which is usually a percent of the total value. 

The options when it comes to 3D printing are a lot. We are going to be glad if some day you become part of our modelers and contribute your amazing ideas about 3D objects. For inspiration you could also take a look at our great collection of 3D models.