Printing | 18 10 2016

​3D printed fashion

As 3D printing is progressively growing popular, it is used in a variety of creative new ways. Fashion is one of the industries where 3D printing is doing very well. Shoes, jewelry and even clothes can be 3D printed to amazing results. While the materials with which they are made, are lacking compared to their non-3D counter parts, the ability to modify and shape the look of the fashion item that you want to print yourself is a reason good enough to give 3D printed fashion a chance. Rings and necklaces are the most common accessories that are 3D printed. When modeling your necklace or ring your imagination is the only limit there as you can shape them in anything you wish. The possibility for the consumer to create the model of the clothes, that they want to wear, themselves facilitate differentiation and customisation and will allow a larger variety on the market. More designers will appear as well, sharing their unique ideas in the form of computer made files, uploaded on websites such us ours. Futurists predict that by 2030 we will be able to print our own clothes at home. There is already a company called Continuum selling 3D printed shoes. They have two models that can be actually worn which looks very promising. They were also the first company to show the first 3D printed piece of clothing - bikini made from nylon. One of the moments that prove how bright the future of 3D printing is was when one of the angels of Victoria's Secret walked down the runway with 3D printed wings. One of the best using  3D printing should be evidence of the progress it's making. In July, there was a fashion show where several designers showed their works and they turned out to look great. Another example of 3D printing fashion turning out great was when a few months back Kate Hudson appeared at the Met Gala in a 3D printed dress. Both Hudson and her dress looked stunning and surely have drawn more deserved attention towards 3D printed fashion.

There are concerns that if 3D printing technologies advance too far, people may start losing their jobs in the industry. That however not happen as a 3D printed object will hardly replace the hand made one as the materials used in the making of a hand made clothes are far more flexible than those used for 3D printing. 3D printed clothes can even lead to hand-made ones becoming even more valued. It remains to be seen how will 3D printing and fashion go together, but for now things look promising for the consumers. Meanwhile you could take a look at our vast gallery of 3D printed items.