Printing | 08 03 2016


In this article we will show how, with a little of imagination and creativity, you can make your own unique business card/caliper and a business card holder/etui. Both models are published on with configurator, so you are able to download and change it by adding your name and details and make it as your own model.

This unusal busniess card is, in fact, a caliper. Our goal was to create something funny, but usable at the same time. After several atempts, the final design was established. Your name and company is printed in it, but you can also add some other personal info. The most important part was to figure out how to design it and where to put the „connection“ points. By using PARTsolutions 3D modeling software by CADENAS, the basic idea was achieved.

When all details where checked and everything was correct, it was time to do some rendering. Of course, you can change the color (plastic) the way you want it. As always, the goal is to make it as realistic as possible.

The business card/caliper is printed. The „connection“ points are very thin, so it is easy to brake it. Still, you will need to cut those points with a sharp knife or a scalpel to make it smooth.

The model is broken and all part are joined together to make a caliper.  Also, holes are made to fit it on your key chain. It looks funy, but it is practical, too. You can measure some smaller and thinner things in case if you need it. You can give it as a gift or instead of ordinary business card to your friends, business parters and customers. This business card is made with a configurator, so you can add your own name and company on it. Free download is available at BUSINESS CARD 3D.

The idea for this business card holder/etui came while visiting an exhibition and watching company representatives looking for their business cards in pockets. This is the original drawing of the holder which had to be simple and easy to use. All details will be added later on.

By using our 3D modeling software PARTsolutions, all details are added: first and last name, company, lenght, height, etc. In this case, it was made for 30 business cards, but you can change it to your needs. Also, all surfaces are thicker to make it stronger, otherwise it could break very easily.

Rendering is done and it looks really good. It is time to print it and to see how it works!

The business card holder/etui is printed and few business card are placed in it. All dimensions are done correctly, it looks very strong, so there should not be any issues with it. This simple idea will make your life easier during future exhibitions, but it will make you look „cool“, too! This model is made with a configurator, so you can download it for free and add your info on it. download: CARD HOLDER