Printing | 03 02 2016

3D Printable Models by NASA


Recently we came across some 3d printable models by NASA which we find quite fascinating.  After all who wouldn't want to print their own Curiosity Rover or Hubble Space Telescope? Not us for sure! Every man's dream is going to space and NASA takes it one step closer. You can now see all Apollo missions' landing sites right in the comfort of your home. What we find especially interesting is the first 3d printed object in space, manufactured by the International Space Station's 3D printer in zero gravity. This definitely paves the way to future long-term space expeditions! The space station is the only laboratory where this technology can be fully tested in space. When the printed parts get back on Earth, NASA will be able to do a more detailed analysis to find out how they compare to parts printed on Earth. Check out whole set of tools with model descriptions. So far NASA are hosting 264 3d models, 80 of which converted to .stl format for 3D printing and are currently working on more. Each one can be downloaded for free.
Awesome stuff, NASA!
You can find the current set of printable models here
Threeding team