Printing | 14 04 2022

3D model oil funnel

Our goal in this article is to show diversity and practical purpose of 3D printing. This is the classic motorcycle Tomos ATX-50C from 1988. The owner restored it and it is functioning well for everyday usage.

Obviously, it is the real Beast! :) 


Still, one part is missing – the oil tank funnel. The idea is to design and adjust the funnel in order to add oil in engine easily. This should be quite easy task done in few steps. First we have to check what measurements we need and then 3D modeling process.

The oil tank funnel is printed (approximately 40 minutes). It looks nice and neat and we are happy with the final result. It is time to test it now. Hopefully, it will fit and it will be easy to access it.

It fits perfectly well and it is very easy to access it. Even if the funnel gets broken or lost, we still have it saved as a file and we can print it over and over, again. Problem solved!


Happy creating!