Printing | 15 04 2015

3D Fishing

In this article we will combine two unusual things: 3D printing and fishing. Yes, that’s right-fishing! Our subjects are fishing hook safe clip, fish feeding/baiting rocket (also called spoding rocket) and boilies cutter. Once again, our goal is to show how practical 3D printing is in every-day life. So, let’s start with the fishing hook safe clip first. Usually, fishing hook is attached to a stainless steel ring on a fishing rod, but after a while scratches can damage it. That is the reason why we decided to design a fishing safe clip. It is a simple and helpful piece which will save our fishing rod. First we have to design it. It is a very simple part, so it should not be a problem. You can always change or adjust it depending on your needs. Next step is measuring; it has to be correct and adjusted to specific fishing rod. Also, 3D modeling should be easy as we can see on this photos.

The fishing hook safe clip is finished and attached to a fishing rod. It fits right and everything is as we planned. You can download this part with all specifications from PARTcommunity right here:!part?name=Fishing+hook+safe+clip&model_id=7227

Now, when fishing hook safe clip is done, it is time for a boilies cutter. Basically it is used to cut big boilies (dried baits made of corn, flour, dough) into smaller pieces/balls. All you have to do is to fill it up, press it with inner part (stick) and small plastic blade at the end will do the rest. As always, measuring and modeling in PARTsolutions software is the first step.

In this case, our boilies cutter has got only one plastic blade, but you can add one more blade if you wish to cut it into even smaller boilies. This item is available for free download on PARTcloud:!part?name=Boilies+cutter&model_id=7223

Only one more part is left – Spoding Rocket. It is attached to the main fishing line and filled with different kind of baits. Upper part (dome) is empty, so it will serve as an air bubble. When spoding rocket is thrown in water using a special fishing rod called SPOD, it will turn upside down and all baits/boilies will be spilled out. Free download on PARTcloud:!part?name=Spod+rocket+V2&model_id=6181

All 3 fishing parts are done: fishing hook safe clip, boilies cutter and spoding rocket. You can always adjust this models to your needs and specifications, of course. This was quite unusual combination, but also a good example of 3D printing diversity. A lot of other 3D models are available for free download on PARTcloud, too. We hope you enjoyed this article and will go fishing this weekend. Good luck!