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It's not just a drink, it's a state of mind...
Trivia for the day: Did you know that Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink in every country in the world, except one?  That country is Scotland, and that most popular drink is the mighty Irn Bru.

I can't describe the taste of it, if you've nevertried it before, so all I can say is just get some and give it a try.  You'll probably love it.  In Scotland there are literally supermarket aisles which are stocked with nothing but The Bru, and the commercials for it are among thebest ever made (look for them on YouTube and you'll see what I mean); they say literally NOTHING about the drink, but they so perfectly sum up the Scottish state of mind.  Bless them, long may they continue.

I've already posted some coasters on here, but they're from when I was only starting off and a designer and they're really quite simple.  Since then I've made literally hundreds ina wide variety of complexities and all have holes in the back so you can fit them with 5x3mm neodymium magnets, turning them into magnetic signs.  They're going to take a long time to upload them all so please be patient, but this first section is what I call my 'Foodie' coasters (for obvious reasons. The Irn Bru Coaster is the first of those!  It's printed seperately in its various colours and then assembled... which is a bit fiddly, I'll warn you.  But when you're done you hopefully will be very happy with it!

Enjoy ;)
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