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Just don't forget the sunblock...
I'm looking out of the window as I'm posting this; it's cold and chucking it down with rain so pretty much as far from summer holiday weather as you can get (unless you're holidaying in this country of course).  So to try and bring back a little of the holiday spirit I came up with this - the Mk 1 Beach Tray.

It's always a pain having to dig glasses or bottles into the sand to try and keep them upright, only to have to scrape the sand off them or see them tip over if you're not very careful.  This tray is firmly mounted into the sand with the three mounting spikes, which can be removed for transport, and has a 10mm lip around it to try to keep sand from getting on the tray.  So now you can dig this in and put your drinks, bottles or whatever on it.  Larger things, such as hugely thick novels with at least one Greek letter in the name (a thousand pages thick and crammed with weapons specifications) can sit on the top of it.  The smaller section is for your drinks.  No more getting spilled!

If anyone has any specific needs for their holidays let me know, or if you have any feedback it's always welcome :)
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