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  • Multipart model: Yes
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  • Upload date: 01/02/2016
  • Last update: 01/02/2016
Wine? No thanks, mine's a pint...
Due to popular request I now present the counterpart to the WineBath - The BeerBath.  Sized to take a standard pint glass, but can also (as you can see from the photos) comfortably accommodate a bottle or a can too, this can also sucker to the side of your bath or shower for those times when you just can't be without yer pint.  Needless to say it'll also stick to windows or other flat surfaces too.  You'll need to find four suction cups (you can get them, again, from places like Amazon or eBay for a very small sum) which you will need to push into the apertures on the mounting and for preference glue them in there too just to make sure.  I had to make this one in two separate parts because for some reason my printer wigged out when I tried to print it as one; you can glue the cup into the holder or you can just push it in (it's a tight fit, purposely), it's entirely up to you.  Get it down yer!
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