The Hedgehog

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  • Upload date: 08/20/2015
  • Last update: 08/20/2015
The Hedgehog can move legs and head. Play with me!
The Hedgehog

This one is not Sonic, but always says yes to a play.

I started by making a hedgehog that my son asked me so he could play. He wanted a little hedgehog that speaks (I failed at this point), but I could simulate it by making him move his head and with a thin voice pretend the hedgehog spoke.

Even if he has noticed the little trick he liked the idea.

It pleases me to print something with moving parts without having to assemble them.

So here it is, an low poly style hedgehog with moving parts (it gives him a funny look).

I hope you enjoy it too.

My tested settings:


0,4mm nozzle

100% original size

0,2mm layer height

1mm exterior wall

15% to 20% infill (I think it will work fine at 10%)

2600mm/s max printing speed

Do not add any supports

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