Bas-relief of Vasil Levski

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  • Upload date: 02/26/2022
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This is a 3D replica of a bas-relief of Vasil Levski that is on the front wall of the Bulgarian Embassy in Paris (France).

Ce bas-relief du révolutionnaire bulgare Vassil Levski est apposée au mur à coté de l'entrée de l'Embassade Bulgare à Paris.

Този барелеф на Васил Левски е на входа на българското посолство в Париж (Франция).

More about Vasil Levski :

Enjoy !
Всичко хубаво!

PS : I shot my photos the day Russia invaded Ukrainia. It was a rainy day and the sculpture seems to be crying...

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Bulgaria is a great country, full of beautiful places, nature, and friendly people.
I can just advise you to visit it !

This bas-relief is placed too high on the Embassy wall so I couldn't shot photos from the top. Therefore the photogrammetry 3D result isn't as accurate as I would have like it to be. Sorry...
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