Bloxen, Weathered

ID: 708

3D Model Details

  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 13.44 MB
  • Upload date: 06/07/2014
  • Last update: 06/07/2014
A Seej bloxen sculpted out of banana bread, printed, and resculpted.
"Every empire crumbles beneath the wheels of time."

--Qie Zi, The Art of Seej

This is a plaster-cast Sidewalk Chalk Bloxen, sculpted with a chisel and scanned with Autodesk 123D Catch.

It's a fully usable Seej bloxen: I edited the scanned mesh to include a pair of mortises on the bottom.
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