World of Warcraft Emblem of The Alliance Clock

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  • Upload date: 09/17/2018
  • Last update: 09/17/2018
It's time...... For the Alliance
This is one design I've been meaning to get to for AGES (since I made the Horde one, tobe honest), but I never quite got round to it.  But then I got the bronze-gold filament, which makes everything better, and I realised I'd better pull my finger out and actually do it.  So I did!  And here it is now, for you.

You'll need to get a clock mechanism, but you can pick one up from Amazon pretty cheaply.  I was tempted to try making so hands for this one too, but I realised that the tolerances are really critical and if I made a mess of it the clock wouldn't keep time properly.  Maybe sometime in the future, we'll see...
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