Heavy-Duty Filament Spool for Zortrax M200

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  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: stl
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  • Upload date: 08/26/2018
  • Last update: 08/26/2018
Go big or go home!
I love my Zortrax M200.  I really do.  But.... ifthere's one criticism I have of it, it's that the spool holder on the back of the printer is toonarrow for some of the larger reels of filament on sale. Since Zortrax enabled their printers to use third-party filament I've been a littleworried that the spool will fall off, so I decided to make a bigger one!

This holder, reinforced for bigger, heavier filament spools, is a straight replacement for the standard holder. It fits a tiny bit looser, but when it's got a big heavy filament on it.... it ain't goin' anywhere...

I'm giving this one away free for all my fellow Zortrax enthusiasts.  Hope it works well for you!
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