Model of ankylosis in thoracic vertebrae

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  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: wrl
  • File size: 18.01 MB
  • Upload date: 10/13/2016
  • Last update: 10/13/2016


3D printable model of ankylosis in thoracic vertebrae.
Educational  Model of ankylosis in thoracic vertebrae. The model is textured and ready for 3D printing.

In vertebrates, thoracic vertebrae compose the middle segment of the vertebral column, between the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae.

Ankylosis or anchylosis is a stiffness of a joint due to abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of the joint, which may be the result of injury or disease.

The model is scanned with 3d scanner Artec Spider.
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