CPAP Hose Guide

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Anything for a good night's sleep....
I suffer from sleep apnoea, which means I have to sleep every night wearing a mask which blows air down my throat to keep my airways open or I start choking.  One thing I’ve heard from several SA sufferers is that the hose from the CPAP machine can catch on your headboard or can wrap itself around bedside tables etc and just get in the way, so since I’ve just put some shelves up over my bed I designed this.  It’s a hose-guide which clips into a standard shelf rail and holds and guides the hose as you move in your sleep, which means that you won’t be woken up by your hose catching on something and jamming, or even worse by it pulling your mask off.  I recommend sticking some thin strips of foam rubber on the back of it just to make doubly sure that the mounting hooks don’t pull out and that the guide will fit tightly onto the rail, but aside from that it should work fine.  I’ll let you know.

Even if you don’t suffer from sleep apnoea you could use it as a clothes hook, or a holder for a clothes rail, or…. well, use your imagination!
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