Petfood Pouch Squeezer

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At last! Clean fingers!
My cats love the catfood pouches with meat in gravy, but they don't often get them.  The reason for this is simple; the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to feed them (mainly because they've been jumping on my chest and pawing at my face and I want them to stop) and when I'm half asleep the LAST thing I want is my fingers covered in that cold meaty gunk in the pouches.  So for their sake I designed this, the Mk 1 Petfood Pouch Squeezer.  Basically it acts (when assembled) like a pair of hair straighteners; you open the pouch, squeeze out a bit of the food and then keeping hold of the bottom of the pouch you close the jaws around the flat bit of the pouch and draw it up the pouch.  This forces the food out into the bowl and any gravy and meaty gunk in the pouch just hits the enclosed squeezing jaws and not your fingers.  And then you can just wash the squeezer and it's ready for the next feeding time. The jaws are sized to fit catfood pouches but I don't think dogfood pouches are any bigger so it should work just as well for small-dog pouches too.  Probably not suitable if you have a St. Bernard though. 
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