Compound Bow Pendant

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  • Upload date: 03/31/2016
  • Last update: 03/31/2016
...And you have my bow
I've always been interested in archery and it's always been something of a minor niggle that I never found the time to get round to doing it properly.  But I still have the interest, so as a tribute to the world of archery here's a pendant for the archer in your life.  It features a compound bow with arrow already nocked and ready to shoot.  I know it won't hang straight but it's not always good to be symmetrical, and my OCD wouldn't allow me to draw a bow incorrectly just so it'll hang straight.

Now all you archers out there are probably saying one of two things (or maybe both of them); 1) the strings aren't strung correctly, and/or 2) that's not an arrow, it's a harpoon!!  Well, 1) I'm an artist not an archer and since it's not actually going to SHOOT that arrow it doesn't really make a lot of difference, and 2) if I made the arrow the correct width it would be as thick as the bow strings, so don't be so picky.

I have this niggling suspicion this is going to have to be printed on an STR or very high resolution printer.  Not really sure why...
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