Corvus Cornix (Hooded Crow or Hoodie)

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  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: wrl
  • File size: 19.21 MB
  • Upload date: 03/14/2016
  • Last update: 03/14/2016


3D printable model of Corvus cornix.
Model of Corvus cornix textured and ready for 3D printing.

Corvus cornix (hooded crow) (also called hoodie is a Eurasian bird species in the Corvus genus. Widely distributed, it is also known locally as Scotch crow, Danish crow, and grey crow (in Slavic languages, Ireland and Denmark). Found across Northern, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, as well as parts of the Middle East, it is an ashy grey bird with black head, throat, wings, tail, and thigh feathers, as well as a black bill, eyes, and feet. Like other corvids, it is an omnivorous and opportunistic forager and feeder.
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