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  • Upload date: 12/15/2015
  • Last update: 12/15/2015
Ahhh, so THAT'S what I can do with it....
My 3D printer only takes pre-loaded cartridges of ABS filament, and when the onboard chip tells them that the reel inside is finished the printer won't print anymore until you change it.  Annoying and inefficient, as it usually leaves a few metres of filament on the reel which you then can't do anything with.  I started trying to think of something I could use it for, when I suddenly remembered back to my school days and Craft classes, where I made a basket.  Why not update that to the 21st century, I thought to myself.  And thus it was.

There's loads of websites which will show you the basics of basket weaving, but basically you just go round and round while dodging in and out between the uprights.  Superglue the uprights into the baseplate, then weave away until you get near to the top.  Then place the larger ring around the outside of thebasket to stop the weaving unweaving itself and superglue the smaller ring  onto the tops of the uprights.  I've included files for a handle too if you want to put one on but if not you can use it for a small wastepaper basket,holding gifts or generally whatever you wantto put in it.  And you'll have got rid of all that spare fillament!

This design is exclusive to Threeding, as are a few more designs I'll be uploading shortly.  Get them while they're hot!
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