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  • Upload date: 11/21/2015
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Push on, push off!
I recently discovered the joys of translucent printer filament and decided I'd have a go at making something which could use that property in a fun but useful way. Later, when shopping in the blue and yellow wonderland that is Ikea, I also spotted the Ramsta magnetic lighting unit and thus hatched a plan... For this print you will need to buy two additional items; one of the aforementioned Ramsta lighting units (available from any Ikea or online for less than two quid) and one 5x3mm neodymium magnet (available from eBay for very small sums of money). 1) Stick the magnet to the bottom of the Ramsta to find out which way the internal magnet is polarised. 2) Turn the magnet over and superglue it into the baseplate so that pole faces upwards (so the magnet will attach itself to the Ramsta and hold the plate in place). Keep it WELL away from any electronic equipment as neodymium magnets are very strong and won't do your iPhone any favours at all. 3) Place the Ramsta onto the baseplate and put one half of the base around it. Do NOT glue it in place or you'll never be able to change the batteries when they die. 4) Slot the lamp into place. This you can glue if you want. I didn't on the prototype model but there's no reason it couldn't be done. 5) Superglue the side faces of the other half of the base, making sure not to get any glue on the bottom or in the curved half-hole where the lamp sits. 6) Slot the glued half into the base plate, bringing the two halves together, and huff on it until they stick solidly. Your Push Light is now ready to use!  UPDATE - If you can't get magnets, or don't want to, just use the Ramsta's sticky pad to stick the light to the baseplate.  It won't be as removable but it'll still do the job.
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